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Case Study
Urgent Care

Increased Google Reviews By 420% And Secured #1 Spot On Google Maps In Just A Year


This Florida-based company manages and operates 8 Urgent Care Centers with state-of-
the-art medical facilities for urgent care and disease prevention for patients of all

One of the main funnels for people searching urgent care centers near them, when an
emergency takes place, is googling ‘Urgent Care’ and head to what Google lists as the
nearest location.

The challenge was ranking them as the #1 Urgent Care Center in search results, by
strategically optimizing the information on their profiles (one per Center).


Urgent Care Case Study
Urgent Care Case Study

Expressed Growth (12 months)

Urgent Care Case Study
"It’s not that we didn’t pay attention to Google Maps. But we looked at it as a nice to have. Kind of mandatory, but in the end neglected. I could have never fathomed that, with the applied professionalism Thrive brought to the table, it could have such a direct bottom-line impact. Amazing!"
Urgent Care Practice
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