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Get holistic business reputation management solutions tailored to your niche market. Partner with Thrive Reviews and let us protect your brand image!

Why Business Reputation Management Matters

Monitor and Shape Your Brand Perception

From small brands and local brick-and-mortar stores to eCommerce businesses and Fortune 500 companies, everyone needs an online business reputation management plan to establish a positive brand image and achieve long-term, sustainable growth.

Your brand’s online reputation directly affects your target audience’s decision-making process. The quality and quantity of your online reviews are a huge deciding factor whether your prospective clients, employees, investors and key stakeholders choose to do business with you. Let’s look at the statistics:

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of consumers search for local businesses online and 12 percent of this population do so on a daily basis.
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of online users consider online reviews as credible brand information sources.
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of consumers do not want to associate with businesses with a poor online reputation

What Are People Saying About You Online?

No matter your industry or target market, your company’s online reputation is always under the spotlight. In a world where almost everyone has access to the internet and digital marketing platforms, online business reputation management is vital to maintain brand control.

Enlist our business reputation management services and let us manage your review monitoring across review sites and online marketing channels. Online reputation management (ORM) for businesses allows you to:

Strengthen Your Digital Presence

The internet offers endless opportunities to build your thought leadership brand, connect with your target audience and expand your network. Small business reputation management involves review generation and brand-building strategies that aim to improve your brand awareness and create a positive impression on anyone researching your company online.

Increase Your Organic Ranking

nvesting in online reputation management for business is a smart tactic to boost your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts and acquire more targeted traffic. Customer reviews provide your website with updated, relevant user-generated content (UGC) that tell search engines you have an active online presence. Positive UGC propels your business to the top of pertinent search results.

Get Better Reviews

Online reputation management for business is designed to boost your review acquisition processes and generate profitable results for your brand. Our business reputation management company sends personalized review requests and provides professional review responses to increase your five-star ratings and acquire new positive reviews.


Outmatch Your Competitors

Business reputation management gives you access to valuable market insights that allow you to understand your customer sentiments and develop better ways to strengthen your client relationships. With a wealth of actionable information and analytics, you can gain a strategic market advantage.


Build Online Trust

Positive brand-related content builds immediate trust with page visitors and new customers, increases your website’s conversion rate and generates free publicity. The more people talking about your company online makes your online reviews more reliable and trustworthy to search engines and online users.


Avoid Reputation Crises

Business reputation management online enables you to track your company’s search results and ensure no false, outdated or misleading information can taint your brand image. More importantly, online business reputation management safeguards your business from the repercussions of uncontrolled negative publicity.


Begin Your Online Business
Reputation Management Today

Companies of all scales and sizes worldwide are investing time, money and resources into business reputation management online. Increased economic uncertainty and changing digital marketing standards, however, make it difficult to maintain business efficiency while managing customer reviews.


According to Kantar’s Brand Reputation Benchmark 2020, 73 percent of corporate communication professionals believe that business reputation management online has become more challenging with the economic downturn. Some companies have experienced a significant decrease in new online reviews while some struggle to keep their target audience engaged with their business.

Excel at reputation management for business without dealing with the stress and hassle. Our business reputation management agency is here to guide you on how to manage your business online reputation amidst the changing consumer landscape and strict industry regulations.

At Thrive Reviews, we leverage our business reputation management tools and expertise to gather actionable insights and teach our clients how to manage their business online reputation. Contact us today and discover how our business reputation management company can amplify your brand transparency and authenticity.

Online Reputation Management
for Businesses

Redefining Client Success Across Industries

Thrive Reviews is a recognized leader in reputation management for businesses.  Over the years, we’ve facilitated business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) reputation management for a wide range of brands. Our business reputation management services have resulted in increased customer trust, new positive reviews and improved brand relationships.

Explore our client success stories and decide if our business reputation management agency is the right fit for your company:

“I’ve been very pleased with Thrive Reviews. A lot of customers say they choose us for our reviews. Most people say that when they’re looking online, they notice the reviews, so that’s why they call. It’s very important. That’s a big factor for how people choose a service company. The more reviews you have, the better.”

Christy Bennett, Owner of Home Run & Termite Control

Thrive Reviews Works With All Industries

Fortify Your Brand Against Online Threats and Fake Reviews

In this internet-driven world, companies, professionals and service providers can no longer ignore what people are writing about them online. Your online reputation serves as your biggest asset, so you need to ensure your target audience sees you in a good light. Get involved with your local market while our Thrive Reviews experts take care of your small business reputation management.

Our business reputation management company provides online reputation management for businesses of all types and sizes. We work with all industry players from small businesses and local brands to multi-location companies and franchises and adapt our reputation management strategies to fit your unique business needs.

Assisted Living

Assisted living online reputation management is critical to attracting and retaining more residents. Entrust your online business reputation management to our ORM experts and let us simplify the technical works for you. We claim your listings, enhance your community profiles and take a proactive approach in soliciting reviews from your residents’ families.

Auto Repair

Harness the power of major review sites and digital marketing platforms to position your brand in front of the right customers. No matter if you serve two or hundreds of locations, our B2C reputation management firm builds your brand recognition with positive review scores. Besides our ongoing ORM efforts, we also create business cards and client satisfaction surveys on tablets to scale up your review quantity.


Boost your online presence and increase your market share with Thrive Reviews’ business reputation management services. Our team utilizes sophisticated business reputation management software to keep your company and client data secure and ensure your website remains compliant and operational. We also offer free widget integrations to increase your site’s trust signal.

Car Dealership

Drive more store visits and calls from high-converting customers with help from our business reputation management online company. We provide you with a FREE review widget to help you aggregate and display online reviews on your website and encourage more page visitors to explore your brand offerings. Our B2C reputation management firm offers reliable customer support –reach out to us and we’ll be happy to strengthen your digital presence.


Don’t have the capacity and confidence to ask patients for online reviews? Our online business reputation management experts create an active review request and review response strategy to help you acquire five-star ratings and positive feedback from delighted patients. We offer full-service reputation management for businesses, so you don’t have to invest time, effort and resources to sustain your ORM campaign.


Get support from your target audience with results-driven B2C and B2B reputation management solutions. We offer seasonal pricing for our small business online reputation management services so you can pause and relaunch your ORM campaign once you’re financially stable. Our team also provides franchise support to ensure brand consistency across your service locations.

Credit Union

Through small business online reputation management, we make it easy to establish your brand credibility and attract new credit union members. Thrive Reviews offers fully managed business reputation management services designed to increase your star ratings and online reviews. From review generation and review monitoring to review response publishing and widget integration, we’ve got your covered!


Patient-centric reputation management for businesses is one of the best ways to earn online trust and showcase your dental expertise. Enlist our small business reputation management services and acquire a high level of trust from patients and search engines. We train your front desk staff on how to manage your business online reputation so they can ask for reviews right after your patients’ dental appointments.


Grow your practice and attract new patients with a professional image and positive word-of-mouth referrals. We perform in-depth reputation audits to gauge your existing online reputation and determine your campaign’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT). Using data and analytics, we improve your ORM strategies and launch targeted review acquisition requests.

Financial Advisor

Protect your practice from the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) violations and demonstrate your industry authority with online reputation management for businesses. Our Thrive Reviews ORM specialists follow reputation management best practices to help you maintain complete control of your digital presence. Work with our dedicated ORM consultants and, together, let us achieve online success.


Leverage our business reputation management software to speed up your brand monitoring and review acquisition across your service locations. Our business reputation management company provides a done-for-you service to help you focus on your franchise’s core operations while we work hard to boost your online growth. Send us your customer list and franchise details to begin your business reputation management online.

Funeral Home

The funeral home industry faces stiff competition against cremation services. Grow your customer base and drive leads and revenue to your funeral homes with reputation management for business. Thrive Reviews’ ORM consultants determine your possible reputation management flaws and develop strategic ORM solutions to reach your target clients.


Establish strong, genuine connections with your gym members and increase your word-of-mouth referrals. Our small business online reputation management experts launch email and SMS drip campaigns to request feedback from your clients. We also create customer satisfaction surveys on tablets so you can collect reviews after your clients’ fitness sessions.


Studies show that a single negative review scares off nearly 22 percent of people looking for healthcare providers. Don’t let negative patient feedback, fake reviews and shady ORM tactics damage your medical practice’s credibility. Increase your patient ratings, create meaningful online connections and position yourself as an industry authority with Thrive Reviews’ HIPAA-compliant online reputation management for businesses.

Healthcare Clinic

Approximately 81 percent of patients read online reviews before booking a medical appointment. Dominate the search results with positive online reviews and secure your online identity. Thrive Reviews’ reputation management for small businesses complies with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), so you can rest assured your ORM campaigns do not violate any industry regulation.

Health Insurance Providers

Build client confidence in your insurance services and improve your sales with online reputation management for business. Our business reputation managers leverage your client database to increase your positive feedback and ensure your company is well-represented online. We launch custom email and SMS campaigns and provide full ORM support to accommodate all your online needs.

Home Services

You don’t have to wait for days or weeks to send review requests to your satisfied clients. Our business reputation management online agency trains your staff to text out your landing page face-to-face and ask for reviews politely once you finish your in-home service. Additionally, we offer seasonal pricing to help you manage your finances and ensure long-term profitability.

Home Warranty Company

Show off your awesome client reviews and position your home warranty company in front of homeowners looking for quality home services. Our business reputation management firm offers seasonal pricing so you can allocate your budget wisely and ensure your ORM and digital marketing efforts are not wasted. We reach out to your satisfied clients at their peak happiness point to generate positive results.


Showcase your clean track record to attract qualified staff, investors and patients to your hospital. All our online business reputation management systems adhere to the HIPAA to avoid penalties and ensure your healthcare facility gets the attention it deserves. We also provide multi-location business reputation management to maximize review opportunities across your medical locations.


Drive sustainable revenue growth with improved review scores and increased client trust. Thrive Reviews offers custom reputation management for small businesses and franchises tailored to your needs and branding. We adopt your unique brand voice when requesting reviews and responding to client feedback to get more returning guests and showcase your superior customer service.


Take advantage of our business reputation management tools and services and position your HVAC company in front of the right customers at the right time and on the right platform. We determine all your customer touchpoints to facilitate better customer communication and generate more positive reviews. More importantly, we don’t tie you up on long-term contracts so you can adjust your ORM campaign timeline to fit your budget.

Internet Service Providers

Maintain a positive brand image and protect your company from customer complaints and negative brand-related content. At Thrive Reviews, we take active measures to address your client concerns professionally and create genuine brand interactions. Our small business online reputation management agency boasts quick response time and extreme customer focus.


Bring more business to your landscaping company with impressive review responses and quality customer feedback. At Thrive Reviews, we utilize an advanced business reputation management software to monitor your online presence and send automatic requests to your existing clients. Stand out in this saturated digital landscape with help from our business reputation management agency.

Law Firm

Maintain a trustworthy brand image and drive long-term clients to your law firm with reputation management for businesses. We manage your review generation, review monitoring and review response publishing, so you don’t have to spend your valuable time learning the technicalities of ORM. Choose Thrive Reviews and cultivate a positive online identity without sacrificing your client appointments.

Limousine Companies

Prove your client commitment and service quality through transparent online reviews and star ratings. Our business reputation management tools integrate with more than 100 major review sites to streamline your review acquisition process and yield positive results. At Thrive Reviews, we go above and beyond to ensure your online reputation is what it should be.

Manufacturing Companies

Communicate your brand value to your target audience through updated, positive brand-related content. As your dedicated B2B reputation management company, we simplify your review acquisition and review tracking processes to help you save time and focus on your core operations. Our ORM specialists monitor your brand mentions and perform competitor benchmarking to ensure your company stays ahead of the curve.

Money Transfer Services

Show your target audience you have the capacity and commitment to provide the experience they demand. Invest in reputation management for small businesses and impress your customers with positive online reviews and high star ratings. Through our review response service, we reassure prospects of the genuine interaction and quality service they can expect from your money transfer and remittance company.

Moving Companies

The moving services industry is plagued with moving frauds and other challenges that make it difficult for customers to trust service providers. Rise above the competition with positive brand perception and high search engine rankings. Our B2C reputation management agency provides top-notch ORM support to help you maintain strong client relationships and get rid of fake reviews.

Nursing Home

Gain control of your brand narratives and attract new residents to your senior care facility. We help you build a strong digital presence by displaying your positive online reviews on your website and across online platforms. Our business reputation management consultants send personalized review requests to your past and existing patients’ families to increase your review quality and quantity.


Online Pharmacy

Exhibit greater levels of transparency on your website to engage more prospects and customers. We monitor your customer touchpoints, respond promptly and professionally to online reviews and solicit feedback from your best clients. Our B2C reputation management agency also creates customer satisfaction surveys on tablets and sets up kiosks so you can collect reviews in real-time.


Pet Hotels

Build positive brand recognition and increase your pet hotel bookings with Thrive Reviews’ business reputation management services. We provide superior customer support and full widget management to ensure your doggy daycare online reputation management delivers positive results. Our online business reputation managers also create detailed campaign reports, so you stay on top of your campaign progress.


Plastic Surgeon

Create a strong brand representation with favorable online reviews and star ratings. Using our advanced reputation management software for small business, we track your online interactions and deliver personalized review requests to your patients. Our team integrates ORM with SEO best practices to push down negative online reviews and ensure your review management tactics adhere to web standards.



With your busy schedule, it can be difficult to manage your online reputation and attend to patient needs all at once. Our business reputation management agency provides full website widget management and ORM support to increase your medical reviews and drive more patient visits and calls. We implement HIPAA-compliant strategies when dealing with online reviews to safeguard your medical practice.


Professional Services

Turn your clients and first-time page visitors into brand advocates with reputation management for business. Our business reputation management company implements goal-oriented review generation and review response solutions to increase your review volume and create favorable impressions of your firm. We work closely with your team to develop ORM tactics that yield profitable results.


Property Management Companies

Approximately 86 percent of residents consider online reviews a huge factor when making rental decisions. Encourage your tenants to write feedback and provide star ratings to establish your brand credibility across digital platforms. Using our reputation management software for small business, we make it easy for your residents to write reviews and share them on social media.


Real Estate

Draw property owners, investors and top-notch agents into your real estate company with online business reputation management strategies that align with your digital marketing efforts. We identify and monitor all your customer touchpoints to determine the best review generation channels. Partner with us and access our review widget and centralized dashboard designed to streamline your brand monitoring.



Dominate the food industry with five-star ratings and new positive reviews from your best customers. Our B2C reputation management company leverages mobile applications and takeout platforms to send personalized review requests to your clients. We also do business cards and tablet mode to capture your customers at the end of their restaurant experience.


Retail Companies

Keep your key stakeholders engaged with your brand and improve your online trust. Our B2C reputation management agency launches list campaigns and sends a huge volume of review requests for no extra costs. We also provide online reputation repair services to help you mitigate the risks of negative reviews and maximize your conversion opportunities.


Roofing Company

Get in touch with our business reputation management online company and let us set up your ORM campaign in as little as one day! Once you sign up with us, our business reputation management consultants will integrate our ORM software into your website and start sending review requests. We offer a risk-free 30-day trial, so you can decide whether our ORM strategies match your online marketing tactics.


Small Business

Get affordable small business reputation management services and send unlimited review requests to your best customers with no upcharges. We utilize our reputation management software for small business to track what customers say about your brand and provide immediate review responses. Our small business reputation management company also offers full ORM management to save your time.



Showcase your high level of customer care across online platforms and capture your ideal market’s attention. At Thrive Reviews, we provide multi-language and multi-location reputation management for small businesses and enterprises. Our business reputation management solutions are designed to expand your online reach and increase your sales funnel conversions.



Gain your clients’ confidence and acquire more positive feedback and star ratings. We give you access to our business reputation management tools so you can monitor the quality of your reviews and take immediate action when necessary. Our business reputation management consultants provide personalized review responses to improve your client retention rate.

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