Want to be found online? Master home services reputation management. No need to rev your search engine any more: Easy ways to add more Google reviews.

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Why Google Reviews Make You a Go-To Business

Your Search is Over: Earn More Money with Reviews on Google

Google is a search engine that will help you find out anything you want to know. Reviews on Google can help you have a higher SEO ranking. With a higher ranking, people will be able to find your company or services first when they are searching for what you have to offer. If you want to have as many online reviews as possible, try out some tried-and-true ways to get people to leave reviews for you.

Ask for Reviews from People You Know

If you have a close friend who has done business with you in the past, ask the person to leave a review for you. When you do work for family members, be sure to ask for a review. If you work for a new client that you have just met, go ahead and ask for a review. Basically, if you work for someone who is happy with the services you provide, do not be afraid to ask the person for an honest review. Let all of your clients know just how important a good review is for your business.

Timing Does Matter

It is important to ask for a review at the right time. You do not want to just randomly ask for a review in the middle of the work process. Instead, ask before you begin work and remind the person right after you have finished. If you catch your client in a happy and satisfied mood, he or she will be more likely to leave you a favorable review.

Be Persistent

If your client does not leave a review, do not be afraid to remind him or her about leaving one later down the road. It is always good for a client to leave a review when your services are still fresh in his or her mind, but people get busy and can sometimes forget to do it. If you notice that a happy client has not left a review for you, wait a few weeks and remind them. It could be that your client just forgot to do it and a simple reminder can get the ball rolling.

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