Business Reviews Are Important- So Is Responding To Them!
Did you know that online reviews of your business, products and or services not only have the power to influence consumer decisions but can strengthen a company's credibility? Simply informing your target audience of the availability of a product or service no longer cuts it in today’s world. Consumers also crave knowledge from first-hand experiences. Furthermore, your business can gain valuable insights by utilizing customer reviews. For example, you can refine your marketing strategies and improve your services based on the feedback they provide.

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Companies that don’t have reviews are missing out on a tremendous opportunity to grow their business. Reviews have the power to gain customer trust, and they also encourage people to interact with the business.  Customer interaction ultimately leads to sales, which of course is good for your bottom line. However, in order to achieve a high level of customer interaction, you need to respond to your online reviews. In essence, Responding to your reviews shows that you value your customers and the feedback that they leave about your business. 

Responding to online reviews also helps you improve your  local SEO (Search Engine Optimization).  This gives your business a better chance of  dominate Google Maps 3 pack, which are the top three spots that appear below the map of a local search result, the most important place for a local business! 

The good news is that responding to online reviews is a simple, affordable step you can actively take in order to engage customers who place a top priority on human connection. We currently live in the era of automated phone systems and digital assistants. Although they are meant to improve the overall efficiency of your business, these electronic solutions often leave your customer base feeling disconnected, which easily leads to frustration. However, the personal touch of a custom response to an online review goes a long way in helping your business stand out from the competition. 

In todays market customers really do expect businesses to reply to their reviews, and FAST! A 2018 survey conducted by Review Trackers showed that 53.3 percent of consumers expect a response to reviews within seven days. Our guess is that it’s much faster today.  

In another statistic from Google it says that businesses who respond to reviews are 1.7 times more trustworthy than companies who don’t. It’s not a big jump, but it’s a significant one that could have significant impact on your business. 

In essence, it shows that your business not only listens, it also cares. When you personally thank someone for providing an online review it enhances their overall experience with your business in a positive way. It also increases the likelihood that they will purchase your products and or services and even become repeat customers. Most consumers are far more likely to return to a business that replied to their online reviews. By responding effectively to positive customer feedback you’re broadcasting an incredibly important message. 

It shows people that you’re a friendly and approachable business. Just as importantly, you’re conveying the message that your brand is both credible and legitimate. Thoughtful, personalized responses put consumers at ease that you’re not out to scam them in any way. They may even decide to click on your website from the online review portal. Once a customer visits your website, you have an opportunity to sell them your products and or services directly. Responding to negative online reviews is just as important. 

By acknowledging the dissatisfied customer with a response, rather than downplaying or even ignoring the bad review, not only can you potentially keep the customer, you’re also informing potential customers that your business is reliable, responsible, and ready to help.

Thrive Online Reputation Management provides businesses with a turnkey service that not only generates positive reviews; it also attracts more customers or clients. It truly matters what people are saying about you online. We can help ensure that they are saying good things about your business. Please contact us today for more information. We look forward to working with you.

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Avoid Feeling Overwhelmed: Use Thrive Reviews To Make It Easy

Gathering reviews for your business doesn’t have to be stressful. Avoid feeling overwhelmed you can follow the example of many companies and use an online reputation management tool, such as Thrive Reviews, to help you quickly build your positive reviews to attract more customers.

Thrive Reviews helps many types of businesses simplify and improve the process of asking for and responding to reviews. Thrive Reviews’ done-for-you system makes it easy on your employees to get reviews in the field, by email or text message and successfully manage and improve your business’ online reputation.

Hiring a professional online reputation service to gather reviews for your business can be vital for your future lead generation and ensuring more repeat customers.




Show Off Good Online Reviews

If you want to get more reviews on Google, show off the ones you have. If you get an excellent review from someone, go ahead and add it to your business website and social media sites. You will be encouraging other people to write great reviews so they can get the recognition they deserve.

Send Out Reminders Periodically

If you want to keep getting new reviews on Google, just keep sending out reminders. You can send emails, traditional letters or add links to your business cards letting people know where you want them to go leave reviews for you. You have to remember that the more reviews you have the more people will feel like they can trust you. It is a known fact that people feel better doing business with a company that has hundreds of reviews instead of a company that just has a few. Having a lot of reviews on Google will make you a trustworthy and credible business.

Deal With All of Your Feedback

It is important to deal with all of your feedback in the right way. Positive feedback should always be liked and appreciated. Negative feedback can serve as a lesson. If something was done wrong at your company, you can learn about it and try to fix it. Just by responding to negative feedback, you are showing your clients that you care about their opinion. If you can fix problems, go ahead and do so. Then ask for an updated review. Most people will be more than happy to update a bad review if you worked to remedy the issue.

Offer Incentives

If you want to have the most reviews possible, offer incentives to both your clients and your employees. For example, you can offer a discount to all of your clients who can prove they left a review for you. You can also entice your employees to work hard for reviews by having a contest and giving away prizes to those who get your company the most reviews. By working hard to get more reviews on Google, you can enjoy watching your ranking rise.

Online Reviews Will Help You Gain Business

If you want to have a business that’s continuously growing, keep inviting people to add more reviews on Google. The more reviews you have, the easier your website will be to find when people are searching for what you have to offer online. Honest reviews can let people know about you before they decide to hire you. They can be a credible way to get new clients and can help you keep a good relationship with your past clients.

Curious to hear how Thrive Reviews
can help your business?

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