Google Business Profile Categories List [updated for 2024]

Google Business Profile Categories List [updated for 2024]

Your Google Business Profile (GBP), previously recognized as Google My Business (GMB), often serves as the initial point of contact with potential customers. Ensuring your profile is claimed and updated with precise contact details, alongside selecting the appropriate Google My Business categories, is crucial for your online visibility and local SEO success.

Selecting the correct GBP categories can be a challenging task for many businesses, as the right choice isn’t always immediately apparent. In this discussion, we’ll delve into the significance of Google Business Profile categories and provide guidance on choosing the most suitable ones for your business, enhancing your chances of being found by local customers seeking your services or products.

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Exploring Google Business Profile Categories

Google My Business categories serve to define your business, playing a crucial role in influencing your local ranking on Google. These categories inform Google and potential customers about the services you offer.

For instance, selecting “Hamburger Restaurant” as your primary category means Google is more likely to show your business in search results for Restaurants, Hamburger Restaurants, or Hamburger Near Me. This primary category encapsulates the essence of your business.

The Importance of Google My Business Categories

Moz highlights that Google My Business is the leading factor in determining your ranking in local search results. Optimal Business Listing Management enhances your likelihood of appearing at the forefront of local searches, underscoring the importance of accurately selecting your Google My Business categories.

Being categorized correctly in Google My Business significantly boosts your visibility in relevant searches. For example, an urgent care facility with “urgent care” as its primary category is far more likely to surface in searches for “urgent care,” ensuring higher ranking possibilities.

Conversely, incorrect Google My Business category selections can detrimentally impact your visibility. If your services are mischaracterized, finding your business becomes a challenge for potential customers. For instance, listing your business under “Contractor” when you specialize in roofing supplies might hinder your appearance in searches for “Roofing supply store,” potentially missing out on valuable customer interactions.

Key Insights on Google Business Profile Categories

Before diving into how to select your Google Business Profile categories, it’s crucial to understand three key points relevant to the process.

Firstly, businesses cannot invent their own categories. You’re required to choose from the pre-established Google My Business categories provided by Google, with no option for custom category creation.

Secondly, Google Business Profile categories are subject to change. Google periodically updates the category list, adding or removing options as needed to reflect evolving business landscapes.

Lastly, the significance of your primary category cannot be overstated. Although you have the option to select up to ten categories, your primary category exerts the most influence on your visibility. It’s vital to select a primary category that accurately represents your business’s core offerings (we’ll explore how to do this effectively in the following sections).

Comprehensive LIST to Google Business Profile Categories

Google has developed thousands of categories to accommodate the diverse array of businesses. Identifying a suitable category for your business should be straightforward. Below, we present just a sample of the available categories to provide a glimpse into the variety on offer.


Acoustical consultant

Adult day care center

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organization

Acrobatic diving pool

Adult DVD store

Aboriginal art gallery

Acrylic store

Adventure sports

Abortion clinic

Acupuncture clinic

Adventure sports center

Abrasives supplier

Acupuncture school

Advertising agency

Abundant Life church


Commercial photographer


Acura dealer

Aerated drinks supplier

Accounting firm

Addiction treatment center

Antenna service

Accounting school

Administrative attorney

Aerial photographer

Accounting software company

Adoption agency

Aerial sports center

Follow this link for the complete list which includes nearly 4,000 categories. 

Selecting the Ideal Google Business Profile Category

Google allows the selection of one primary category alongside up to nine secondary categories. Currently, there are close to 4,000 Google Business Profile categories available, making the task of choosing the most appropriate ones for your business challenging. Below, we provide strategies to simplify this process, ensuring you effectively pinpoint the categories best suited to your business needs, optimizing your visibility and relevance in local searches.

Updating Your Google Business ProfileS SECONDARY CATEGORIES

Although your primary category significantly impacts your search ranking, selecting relevant secondary categories can also enhance your visibility in search results. For instance, if your business is an Italian restaurant, choosing “Italian Restaurant” as your primary category and adding “Restaurant” or “Pizza Restaurant” as secondary options can broaden your reach. Google permits the inclusion of up to nine secondary categories, offering ample opportunity to ensure your business is accurately represented and easily discoverable by potential customers.

Modifying Your Google Business Profile Category on Maps

Adjusting the category of your Google Business Profile on Maps is a strategic move to improve your visibility and accuracy in local search results. This process allows you to refine how your business is presented on Google Maps, ensuring that it aligns with the primary services or products you offer. Whether you’re refining your primary category or expanding your reach with secondary categories, modifying your profile on Maps can significantly impact how potential customers find and perceive your business. This adjustment is crucial for maintaining an up-to-date and relevant online presence, directly influencing your ability to attract local traffic and engage with your target audience effectively.

Special Features for Certain Categories

Certain categories within Google Business Profile unlock special features tailored to enhance the online presence and functionality of specific types of businesses. These unique attributes range from booking buttons for service providers to menu integrations for restaurants, and even product showcases for retail stores. By selecting a category that aligns closely with your business operations, you can access these bespoke tools, designed to improve user engagement and provide potential customers with a richer understanding of what you offer. Leveraging these special features not only elevates your profile but also significantly boosts your visibility and attractiveness to customers searching for your services or products on Google.

Discovering Your Competitors' Business Categories

Uncovering the Google Business Profile categories chosen by your competitors can provide valuable insights into their SEO strategies and help you refine your own approach to local search optimization. By identifying the categories under which your competitors are listed, you can better understand the market landscape, pinpoint gaps in your own category selections, and adjust your profile to compete more effectively. This analysis allows you to see which categories are most commonly used among businesses similar to yours, offering clues on how to enhance your visibility and relevance in search results. Adopting a strategic approach to selecting your Google Business Profile categories, informed by competitor analysis, is a key step in optimizing your online presence and attracting more customers.

Frequently Asked Questions About Google My Business Categories

The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Google My Business (GMB) categories serve as a crucial resource for businesses looking to optimize their online presence. These FAQs cover a wide range of topics, from how to select the most appropriate primary and secondary categories for your business, to understanding the impact of these choices on local search visibility and ranking. They also address common concerns and provide guidance on updating categories to reflect changes in your services or market focus. By delving into these FAQs, businesses can gain deeper insights into the strategic importance of category selection and how it influences the effectiveness of their GMB profile, ensuring they make informed decisions that enhance their visibility and attract more customers.

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